The Fire Division, under the direction of the Fire Chief, is charged with the responsibility for fire suppression within the City of Auburn as well as on Auburn University Campus. They also provide rescue services and make inspections of existing buildings as part of their pre-fire plan program. This program familiarizes the firefighters with the floor plan and potential hazards in an existing building in case of an emergency. They conduct fire drills at all area schools as well as dorms and fraternities at Auburn University. There are currently five fire stations in Auburn.


The Auburn Fire Division is committed to protecting life, property, and the environment, and to providing progressive services that meet the needs of the community.  The Division's mission will be accomplished through a highly trained professional work force that utilizes and adapts to modern technology and equipment.  We will take a progressive stance on fire prevention activities including fire prevention and public education.  Through these efforts, aggressive and appropriate emergency responses will be performed in an efficient and professional manner.