Sidewalk Request

(See Section 5, Public Works Design and Construction Manual)
Revised: 01/01/2011

A request for sidewalk construction may originate with an individual, a neighborhood association or the City Council. Petitions from multiple individuals are encouraged to show neighborhood support but are not required. Requests from citizens should be submitted to the Public Works Department. The request should specify the street(s) on which sidewalk construction is requested and state the reason(s) for requesting sidewalk construction. Any existing roadway conditions which support sidewalk installation should be noted, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • provide access for walking to schools;
  • provide access to pedestrian destinations, such as transit stops, parks, places of worship, places of work and commercial areas;
  • provide access for the disabled;
  • connect to an existing network of sidewalks;
  • show evidence of a worn path; and/or
  • history of vehicular/pedestrian crashes.

The Public Works Department will evaluate each request to determine if it should be recommended to City Council for budget consideration. If the Public Works Department determines that a sidewalk may be warranted, the engineering staff will evaluate the feasibility of construction, considering factors such as:

  • available right-of-way or easement for installation;
  • terrain;
  • existing obstructions, utility poles, landscaping, etc.;
  • existing trees and the impact on trees;
  • drainage conditions; and/or
  • cost estimates.

The results of the evaluation will be available to the public.

If the engineering evaluation concludes that construction of the requested sidewalk is feasible, it is added to the list of proposed construction projects and forwarded to the City Council for inclusion in its budget hearing to be considered for funding. Any resident may attend the budget hearing and provide input. If the project is funded, the Public Works Department will schedule construction.

Comments: Direct comments or questions concerning this policy to the Director of Public Works, 171 N. Ross Street, Suite 200, Auburn, AL 36830.