Animal Control

The Animal Control Division provides a variety of services that protect citizens and animals including:

  • Educating pet owners on the health and welfare of their pets.
  • Helping citizens resolve nuisance problems.
  • Impounding loose and stray animals.
  • Investigating dog bite complaints.
  • Rescuing animals from locked vehicles and abusive or negligent conditions.
  • Transporting stray or injured animals to veterinarians for emergency care

Most importantly we help lost pets reunite with their owner or with the help of Lee County Humane Society adopt into a new family.  

If you have a lost pet, please contact the Lee County Humane Society directly at (334) 821-3222 or the Animal Control Division with the date your animal was lost and a description.

Other resource available to help you find your pet:

Animal Control Officers can be contacted for after office hours and on weekend by calling the Auburn Police Department at (334) 501-3100.

Emergencies are:

  • Rabies control and bite investigations.
  • Rescue of sick, diseased or injured domestic animals.
  • Investigation of cruelty to animals in which the animal is in immediate danger.
  • Dangerous or Aggressive animals.
  • Law enforcement assistance.

Animal Safety Tips

  • Always walk your dog on a leash. A leash can keep your dog out of fights, out of traffic, and out of dangerous places.
  • Avoid eye contact with a dog. Staring into the dogs eyes is seen by the dog as an aggression and domination and will challenge the dog to attack.
  • Do not disturb a dog that is eating, sleeping, or caring for puppies.
  • Never approach a strange dog, especially one that's confined or restrained.
  • When a dog approaches you, stand still and quiet, keep you hands at your side.              



Q    How often does Animal Control patrol my neighborhood?
A    Animal Control officers patrol the City on a frequent basis. If you notice dogs 
      running at large or you encounter other similar problems that need immediate
      attention, please contact Animal Control at 501-3090 or contact our main office
      at 501-3080. For after-hour emergencies ONLY, please call 501-3100.

Q    How do I obtain a dog license?
A    A dog license is not required, but owners must have proof of rabies vaccination. 

Q    My animal is missing, what do I do?
A    Contact Animal Control at 501-3090 or the Lee County Humane Society at 821-3222. 

Q    What do I do if I'm bitten by an animal?
A    Contact the Police Division at 501-3100 and seek medical attention as needed. The 
       police will contact Animal Control.
Q    I have some kind of wildlife (e.g., raccoon, opposum) in my attic/under my
      house, what should I do?

A    Contact Animal Control for direction or a pest management company for service.

Q    If I find some kind of wildlife in my yard, what should I do?
A    Do not make contact with wildlife. Contact Animal Control for assistance.

Q    I own a dog, but no longer wish to take care of it. Can Animal Control pick
      the dog up?

A    It is not Animal Control’s policy to remove owned animals from their owner's property.
      You may transport the dog to the Lee County Humane Society.

Q    I have witnessed someone abusing animals, what do I do?
A    Please contact Animal Control at 501-3090 during business hours.  For immediate 
      attention, contact the Police Division at 501-3100.

Q    What are the rules regarding barking dogs?
A    No owner shall permit a dog to habitually bark or yelp in such a loud and frequent
      manner as to annoy and disturb the public in the vicinity. Contact Animal Control at 
      501-3090 or Auburn Police at 501-3100 for assistance.

Q    What steps should I take to deal with stray cats?
It is not Animal Control's policy to deal with stray cats, but here are some
       suggestions to help citizens deal with stray cats:

      1) Do not feed stray cats. This will reduce the chance of stray cats hanging around
          your property.

      2) Remove potential food sources (e.g., pet food, unsecured garbage containers). By
          removing potential food sources, you will reduce the chance of stray cats hanging 
          around your property.

      3) If stray cats become a nuisance, you may borrow a cat trap (the traps are humane) 
          from Animal Control. Contact Environmental Services at 501-3080 or Animal Control
          at 501-3090 for further information about obtaining a cat trap.