Parking & Towing

As with any university or downtown area, balancing the parking needs of students, residents, and businesses can be a challenge.

The City of Auburn and Auburn University both strive to provide adequate parking for everyone involved. Most of the time, the patient driver will find his or her parking needs adequately met.

However, illegal parking does occur and can result in towing.

City of Auburn Ordinance No. 2558, regulates fees and guidelines for all towing companies conducting business within the City limits.

This ordinance serves to protect students and residents by regulating the fees associated with towing illegally parked vehicles in the City.

A towing company in violation of a provision of the towing ordinance is subject to punishment, according to the Auburn City Code. If you suspect a violation has occurred, please contact the Auburn Police Division at (334) 501-3150 to file a complaint.

For more information on towing, please contact the Public Safety Department Administration Division at (334) 501-3110. For after hours calls, please call the Public Safety Communications Division non-emergency number at (334) 501-3100.

You can also email the Public Safety Department for more information.