Public Safety

Bill James Director
Full-time Employees: 231
Part-time Employees: 18
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The employees of the Auburn Public Safety Department dedicate their lives to the safety of Auburn's citizens. Through the effective delivery of high quality emergency response and preventive services, the City enjoys extremely modest fire losses, a low crime rate, the best fire insurance classification in the state, and a very high level of citizen satisfaction.
Public Safety is represented by five divisions: Police, Fire, Codes Enforcement, Communications and Administration. The Police and Communications divisions provide coverage for the City and parts of our extended jurisdictional areas. The Fire and Codes Enforcement divisions provide services within the city limits.

FY 2014

  • Police
    • 3,032 arrests
    • 188,436 calls for service
    • Over 33,000 traffic stops (over 40% warnings)
    • Over 107,000 residential and security checks
  • Fire
    • 4,870 calls for service
    • 1,905 pre-fire plan inspections
    • 350 Public Education Events
  • Communications
    • 199,566 CAD calls entered
    • 148,715 total phone calls processed
    • 39,878 911 calls received
  • Codes Enforcement
    • 4,824 permits issues
    • 15,348 inspections made
    • 670 Certificates of Occupancy issued


The Public Safety Department is comprised of five divisions: Police, Fire, Communications, Codes Enforcement, and Administration. The department provides all law enforcement, public safety services, and emergency 911 response and dispatch services for the City of Auburn and the campus of Auburn University. Construction activities in the City are monitored and inspected by the Codes Enforcement Division. Ambulance services are provided via a contract with East Alabama Medical Center.

Education, Outreach, and New Initiatives

The Auburn Fire Division has presented 257 public education presentations during the past year. The Mobile data initiative is expanding into the Fire Division with MDT's being installed in front run trucks. The Public Safety Division continues to work with the neighborhood watch groups to encourage them to notify Police/Fire in the event of an emergency.

The Auburn Police Division hosted a National Night out, an Auburn University Safety Walk and a Citizen's Public Safety Academy during 2011. Police have spoke on safety at numerous community events, including the Naval Recruiters Annual Conference, Camp War Eagle, and various church and social meetings in the city and at Auburn University. In addition, Police continue to be active in the Child Safety Seat installation program.