Public Records Request

The City of Auburn recognizes and supports the public's right to inspect and make copies of public records in accordance with state law and in the truest spirit of open and transparent government.

How can I request public records?

Many public records produced by the City of Auburn are readily available for free on the City's web site. To request public records not available online, fill out the Public Records Request (PRR) form, available at any City facility, or online. The requested documents should be specifically referenced or described. The completed request form can be returned to:

Auburn City Hall | 144 Tichenor Avenue, Suite 1 | Auburn, AL 36830

What records are available to the public?

Many documents of the City are public records available for inspection by the general public. Commonly requested public records include:


  • Ordinances, Resolutions and City council materials;
  • Permits, contracts and licenses;
  • Financial documents, including budget information and financial statements;
  • Deeds, easements and right-of-way information.

As allowed by state law, and related case law, some records are not available for public inspection. Exceptions are typically made in cases where privacy or security issues have been judged to be of overriding importance, or where documents are not necessary to record the status and condition of business carried out by the City. Such exceptions may include:


  • Information received by a public officer in confidence,
  • Sensitive personnel records;
  • Information relating to pending criminal investigations;
  • Records the disclosure of which would be detrimental to the best interests of the public, including:
  • Records concerning security plans, procedures, assessments, measures, or systems, and any other records relating to, or having an impact upon, the security or safety of persons, structures, facilities, or other infrastructures, including without limitation information concerning critical infrastructure and critical energy infrastructure;
  • Documents regarding pending or threatened litigation or other documents created by or at the direction of the City's attorney(s) or communications by and between the City and its attorney(s) where legal advice is sought, discussed and/or received.

What fees will be charged?

Generally, copies will be provided at a cost of $.25 per page. If a request becomes time-intensive, defined as requiring more than one hour of employee time to complete, a fee of $20 per hour will be charged beginning with the second hour. Partial hours will be rounded to the next full hour. If it is estimated that charges will reach or exceed $50, a deposit, via cash or credit card, of half the estimated amount will be required before the request is fulfilled. The cost of specialized documents, such as maps or oversized documents, can be found on the Fee Schedule, available by request at any City facility.

When will I receive a response?

If it is not possible to provide copies or allow for a complete review of documents within five business days of the request, the requester will be notified.

Disclaimer and Use Information: The City of Auburn provides information in response to Public Records Requests in good faith with no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning content, accuracy, currency or completeness. It does not accept any liability arising from incorrect, incomplete or misleading information or improper use. Use or interpretation of the data is solely the Requestor's responsibility. As applicable, the City shall retain all rights, title, and interest in the information.