Erosion and Runoff

Stormwater Site Development Review Tool

    The City of Auburn's Site Development Review Tool can be used by engineers and developers to design Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMPs) and make informed decisions regarding water quality protection as a result of potential impacts from their developments.

Site Development Tool (Excel)

    The Site Development Review Tool was developed using a Microsoft Excel format and can be used by engineers and developers to design and incorporate BMPs for City of Auburn developments and to maximize the efficiency of runoff pollutant management following construction of developments. The Tool can also be used to meet the target pollutant removal efficiencies outlined in the City's Conservation Subdivision Regulations. This Tool will provide pollutant removal estimates for site specific conditions based on removal efficiencies for a variety of storm water BMPs including, detention ponds, bioretention areas (rain gardens), and storm water wetlands. The tool analyzes a variety of storm water pollutants including nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) and total suspended solids. City staff will utilize this tool during plan review process to analyze development impacts on water quality within the Lake Ogletree watershed as well as additional watersheds within the City of Auburn.