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City of Auburn Standard Specifications

The City of Auburn Standard Specifications are developed and maintained by the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department of the City of Auburn, Alabama.

The links and information below allow you to access, review, and/or download current Standard Specifications and Details to keep informed of impending changes.

What is a Standard?

A "standard" is a document that establishes uniform engineering and technical requirements for processes, procedures, practices, and methods that have been adopted as standard, including requirements for selection, application, and design criteria of an item.

The City of Auburn Standard Specifications incorporate state and local construction codes, lessons learned from past experiences, best practices, and industry guidelines.

Complete printed copies of the Standard Specifications are available at Development Services Building, 171 Ross Street, Auburn AL 36830, (334) 501-3000.

Notification of revisions or updates will be posted on this web page. Upon approval by the City Engineer, the revisions will be properly edited and reprinted. Minor revisions may be issued by reprinting select pages. It will be the responsibility of the holder of this volume to maintain their up-to-date copies of the Standard Specifications by inserting the revisions according to the accompanying instructions.


Standard Specifications Standard Details
Download Complete Document Erosion and Sediment Control
Table of Contents Sanitary Sewer
Section 1 - Definitions of Terms Storm Sewer
Section 2 - Proposal Requirements and Conditions Streets
Section 3 - Insurance, Hold Harmless & Bonds Traffic
Section 4 - Scope of Work Water
Section 5 - Control of Work  
Section 6 - Control of Material  
Section 7 - Legal Relations and Responsibility to Public  
Section 8 - Prosecution and Progress  
Section 9 - Testing/Testing Materials  
Section 10 - Streets  
Section 11 - Concrete  
Section 12 - Sanitary Sewer Systems  
Section 13 - Excavation and Backfill  
Section 14 - Water Mains and Appurtenances  
Section 15 - Grassing  
Section 16 - Storm Sewer Systems  
 Summary of Changes Effective January 1, 2011