Detective Section

The Detective Section is in the Investigative Branch of the Police Division and is tasked with providing the citizens, university students and visitors of Auburn with highly functional and professional law enforcement services regarding the investigation of reported crimes, criminal offenses and activities that occur within the city.

Captain Lorenza Dorsey is the Commander of the Investigative Section and his office is located in the Public Safety Department's Administration Building located at 161 N. Ross Street. He can be reached during normal business hours by calling (334) 501-3110. Captain Dorsey is assisted by Lieutenant Clarence Stewart IV and staffed with two sergeants, one corporal and seven detectives.

The Command Staff and Investigators assigned to the Detective Section are committed to ensuring the vigorous pursuit and thorough investigation of all crimes of a felonious nature or any criminal offenses or activities that are deemed necessary.  In order to achieve these goals, the members of this section work closely with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.  They utilize all resources available to them and consistently seek out new technology and training that keeps them abreast of current trends of criminal activities and investigations.  Members of the Detective Section also strive to engage community involvement in reporting crime, with the goal of reducing it and providing a safe community for all.  Those desiring to contact a member of the Detective Section with information on an investigation or to report any suspicious or criminal activity can do so by calling (334) 501-3140 or the anonymous Tip Line at (334) 246-1391. 

Dial 911 to report a crime in progress.