James McLaughlin
Municipal Judge
Employees: 7
[email protected]


The City Council appoints the Municipal Judge and the City Manager appoints the Court Administrator. James McLaughlin serves as both in his role as Municipal Judge.  The Municipal Judge is tasked with supervising a Clerk/Assistant Court Administrator and four other magistrates, as well as administering the municipal court system. The Municipal Court meets on Tuesday and Thursday of each week and is open to the public.


Many years ago, most municipal courts, including Auburn's, were administered by the local police department. This was changed across the nation by a federal court ruling that municipal courts must be separate and distinct from municipal police departments. Subsequently, the Judicial Department now operates independently of the Public Safety Department.
The Judicial Department has the following employees: a judge/administrator, an assistant administrator/clerk, an administrative assistant, and three magistrates. In addition, there are part-time contractual assistants, including a Court Referral Officer and a Spanish interpreter.


The majority of the court's work involves the processing of arrest warrants, traffic citations and parking tickets. In addition to the court cases itemized below, the Municipal Court processed 6,172 parking tickets during FY 2014.
Breakdown of FY 2014 Court Cases
  DUI Other Traffic Sub-Total Non-Traffic Grand Total
Filed 347 18,078 18,425 3,887 22,312
Disposed 431 19,079 19,510 4,019 23,529
Appealed 2 3 5 21 26
Total Fiscal Year 2013 Cases
Total Fiscal Year 2014 Cases
Between FY 2013 and FY 2014, the number of court cases decreased 13.1%