Information Technology

Greg Nelson
Interim Director

Christopher P. Graff
Interim Director
Employees: 10
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This has been another banner year for the IT Department. Our staff continued with the implementation of an enterprise level work request and asset management system (Cityworks) bringing both the Sewer Division and the Public Works Department online with this product. The IT Department-GIS Division was recognized with the Cityworks Exemplary User award at the May, 2015 Cityworks conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Another GIS milestone was achieved this year with the migration of our parcel based GIS to a more modern and flexible “parcel fabric” GIS. Most organizations hire outside consultants at a considerable expense to complete a task of this magnitude but our IT staff accomplished this conversion without outside assistance and without additional budget.


Technology is pervasive in every aspect of doing business in both the private and the public sectors. Fiscal Year 2015 marked the 19th year that the City of Auburn IT Department has existed. It was in May of 1996 that the City of Auburn leadership demonstrated its understanding of the significance of technology in local government with the creation of the Information Technology Department. This action provided the foundation for an information technology strategy for the City. With over 90% of Auburn’s citizens having broadband Internet access at their homes, Auburn truly is a “connected” community. For the past 19 years, the employees of the City’s IT Department have provided the appropriate technology to enable City Government to quickly respond to the needs of Auburn’s citizens. Day in and day out, IT staff have demonstrated how technology can be effectively, economically and efficiently brought to bear in the provision of services to Auburn’s citizens.
The City of Auburn’s computer network is a converged system providing data, e-mail, telephone, voicemail, and video all over a single delivery system. Engineered and assembled entirely by the City’s IT staff, the system is maintained in-house and enjoys an extraordinary 99.999% uptime.


LEFT TO RIGHT: Front Row: Logan Bradshaw – Auburn University MPA Fellow, Mona Brisco—GIS Programmer/Analyst, Judy Shears—Computer Systems Administrator, Christopher Graff—GIS Manager, Britt Johnson—GIS Technician. Back Row: Mike Daughtry—Computer Systems Administrator, Christopher Griffin—Web Developer, Jim Buston—Assistant City Manager/CIO, Will Kimrey—GIS Programmer/Analyst, Jarrod Nelson—Chief Technology Officer, Greg Nelson—Chief Security Officer
IT staff members are frequently called upon by colleagues throughout Alabama and across the country to speak at conferences and to offer expertise in a variety of Information Technology related areas. Worldwide, our GIS Division is renowned for its innovative approach to the creation of applications which streamline processes ranging from public safety response times to mobile applications for storm water permit inspections. The City of Auburn’s IT Department has been recognized by the world’s leading IT companies (Microsoft, Cisco, ESRI, and others) as an example of how government IT should be done and these companies routinely send their clients to Auburn to learn from our successes.


The staff of the Information Technology (IT) Department is dedicated to providing excellent IT services. In addition to their normal work schedules, staff members routinely work evenings and weekends to complete hardware maintenance and software updates to minimize the adverse impact of this work on service delivery to Auburn’s citizens. Employees in the IT Department stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and hold a number of advanced academic degrees as well as a number of IT industry certifications.