Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of the City Manager is to work with the City Council and the department heads to ensure the ability of the City of Auburn government to provide services desired and needed by the community in an efficient, effective, and responsive manner both presently and in the future. This will be achieved by the following actions:


  • Submitting policy proposals to the City Council and providing the Council with facts and advice on matters of policy as a basis for making decisions and setting community goals
  • Implementing the policy choices of the City Council through enforcement of ordinances, resolutions, policies, other directives, and budget
  • Providing administrative leadership in the coordination and direction of the work of the various departments of the City government
  • Preparing for the future of the community and the City government through long-range planning/programming and economic development
  • Ensuring that City government is conducted in accordance with all federal, State, and local laws and in accordance with high ethical standards
  • Providing courteous and timely responses to citizens' calls for services and determining the attitudes and opinions of the citizenry toward the City government based on a recognition that the City's reason for being is to serve its citizens