Strategic Goals

City Council Strategic Goals

  1. High Quality of Life- Promote community life that includes cultural amenities, green space, recreational opportunities as well as low crime, neighborhood conservation, and the Village Center concept.
  2. A Unique Place- Promote efforts to keep the distinctive image of Auburn and to build a sense of stability for citizens through downtown development, historic preservation, green space and trees, and high standards for appearance.
  3. Planned Growth- Promote a balanced and planned focus on growth with a vibrant business community, affordable housing, redevelopment efforts, and sound growth policies.
  4. A Shared Sense of Responsibility- Promote efforts that will meet the needs of all citizens, encourage all citizens to be involved in civic affairs, and that will build partnerships and cooperation within the community.
  5. Efficient Use of Resources- Maintain focus and consistency on how we will use resources and funds, be innovative, fair, and fiscally responsible.

adopted June 1, 2004