Public Works Department Design and Construction Manual

City of Auburn Public Works Design and Construction Manual – The Design manual consolidates all design and construction standards that were previously published in the City Code, Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, Storm Water Manual, Standard Details and Standard Specifications for street construction, traffic engineering, storm water drainage design, and geotechnical engineering.  Users may view the complete document or individual sections to keep current of latest changes. 

Public Works Design and Construction Manual

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Title Page  
Table of Contents List of Appendices
Section 1 – General Appendices A – E
Section 2 – Traffic Signal Design Appendices F – H
Section 3 – Traffic Calming Appendices I – J
Section 4 – Traffic Impact Studies Appendices K – P
Section 5 – Roadway Design Appendix Q
Section 6 – Geotechnical Appendices R – T
Section 7 - Drainage