In Case of Flooding

Flood Safety

Safety is a must when it comes to possible flooding in our area. The following tips can keep you and your family from harm:

  • Do not walk through flowing waters.
  • Do not drive through a flooded area.
  • Stay away from power and electrical lines.
  • Shut off all gas and water valves.
  • Have a departure plan in case of emergency.

Additional emergency preparedness tips can be found on page 12 of the 2013-2014 Real Yellow Pages Telephone book.

Local Flood Hazards

The City of Auburn has an annual precipitation of 52.6 inches, and has a history of major storm events. Over the last ten years our biggest rain events occurred in May 2003, March 2005, June 2005, November 2006, December 2009, July 2011, and November 2011. During major storm events flash flooding can occur when drainage courses overflow and flood.

Local water bodies that could be subject to flooding include: Choctafaula Creek, Parkerson Mill Creek, Town Creek, Moore’s Mill Creek, Chewacla Creek, Lake Chewacla, Lake Ogletree, Sougahatchee Creek, and Little Loblockee Creek. The local water bodies can also be found on the Flood Hazard Map.

Roadways Prone to Flooding Include:

  • N Donahue Dr Bridge
  • Water Crest Dr Bridge
  • East University Dr Bridge @ Summertrees Dr
  • Moores Mill Rd Bridge @ Forestdale Dr
  • Windway Rd Bridge
  • Ogletree Rd Bridge north of Oak Knoll Cir

Flood Warning

The City of Auburn, in conjunction with the Lee County Emergency Management Agency, work together to give citizens ample warning in cases of emergency. Emergency messages are broadcasted through local radio stations: 95.9 FM WTGZ, 96.9 FM WQSI, 97.7 FM WKKR, 98.7 FM WANI, 94.3 FM WGZZ. As well as on local television stations: WRBL Channel 3, FOX 54 News Channel 8, WTVM Channel 9, WSFA Channel 12, and Channel 40  The Weather Channel[ddd1] .[TK2]  In the event of heavy rains, it is essential to monitor television and/or radio weather broadcasts for up-to-date forecasts on tornadoes, hurricanes, or flash floods. Please contact the City of Auburn Public Safety Department at 911 for any emergencies and 334-501-3100 for any non-emergencies.