Drainage System Maintenance

The City of Auburn’s Public Works Department maintains the storm drainage system helping to keep the creeks and streams in the City of Auburn clean and free of debris and pollutants.  In order for the drainage system to operate efficiently,  ditches, streams, and channels must be kept clean. Debris, including leaves and grass clippings, can obstruct the flow of water and cause overflow onto streets and yards. Residents and business and property owners can play a huge role in this effort by maintaining ditches and streams on their property and by notifying the City when maintenance is needed in the right of way. 

The  City Code prohibits taking any action that can impede the flow of water in ditches and waterways. If you know of any illegal dumping of debris or any action that could affect the drainage system, please contact the Public Works Department at 334-501-3000.

Public Works Drainage Concerns Procedure